Accommodation in Mogan

There are several different choices if you want to stay in Mogan.  Those given here, and on the links from this page, give you information that will connect direct with the owners or their official agents.   There are also numerous "Booking Agents" offering accommodation in Mogan and most are reputable. Our advice, however, is to exercise caution when booking and be sceptical if anyone asks for payment in advance when booking privately!   With an hotel this is not a problem because you will be covered by your travel agent's and/or tour operator's compulsory insurance.  The most obvious choices are the hotels, which will provide you with all facilities in-house. These will normally have to be booked through a tour operator and it is not always possible to book direct. This will restrict you, however, as you will have paid for everything in advance and you may feel less inclined to explore beyond the hotel walls.  The next option is a "holiday let" of an apartment. This is basically a private rental agreement of up to 6 months. This will generally give much greater flexibility as you can choose your own dates and eat wherever you want without the irritating thought that you have paid for meals at the hotel as well!  The third option, if you are considering a stay of more than six months is a formal rental agreement for a fixed period.  In the last two options you will also need to arrange your own flights, transfers and travel insurance.  If you need help with transfers to and from the airport, check the Transport link on the Home page.