Jan 1  - New Year´s Day
Jan 7  - Three Kings' Day
(1st Monday after the Epiphany)
Mar 28 - Gran Canaria
Apr 17th - 18th
(Thursday & Friday before Easter Sunday)
May 1 - Labour Day
May 30 - Canarys' Day
Aug 15 - Feast of the Assumption
Sep 8 - Virgin of the Pines
Oct 12 - Spanish National Day
Nov 1 - All Saints´day
Dec 6 - Spanish Constitution
Dec 8 - Immaculate Conception
Dec 15 - Gran Canaria
Dec 22 - Gran Canaria
Dec 25 - Christmas Day
A full list of local holidays & fiestas appears at the bottom of this page.

There are local, regional and national holidays in Spain. Some of the local holidays may be celebrated in just one province, for example San Antonio & Fiesta del Carmen in Mogan, whilst others may be celebrated throughout the island.

In addition there is the Fiesta de Fatima in Veneguera which was celebrated from 7th to 15th August in 2013, but does not qualify for a Public Holiday!

This can cause confusion as you may not be aware of a holiday in another area until you get there and find it closed for the day!

You should also note that public holidays do not normally move to the following Monday, as is the case in some countries, if they fall at a weekend.
Where most restaurants, gift shops etc will remain open all year, Council offices & "local" business like banks, solicitors, estate agents, post offices, etc. are likely to be closed. The supermarkets and some retailers may close earlier and the buses may run the same service as a Sunday.

Here is a list of the holidays celebrated in Mogan and remember that the Municipality of Mogan streches as far as Arguineguin.
The two main Festivals of the year in the Municipality of Mogan are San Antonio El Chico, celebrated in Mogan Village in June, and Fiesta del Carmen celebrated between Puerto de Mogan & Arguineguin in July.

In 2013 these were celebrated 13th June and 16th July respectively. When the dates and programmes for these have been confirmed for 2014 you will find them here.

Fiestas and Holidays in Mogan