Market Days in Mogan

There is a market in Mogan twice a week, Monday & Friday. They open at 08:00 and finish at about 14:00.

If you are thinking of driving to the Friday Market, be warned that parking can be difficult. Because it is so popular, the bus services between Mogan and as far as Playa del Ingles and Ferries between Mogan, Puerto Rico, Anfi & Arguineguin run a lot of extra services, so getting to and from Mogan by public transport is normally the best option.

You will find more information on our "Transport" page the link for which is on the menu at the left of the page.

On Monday  we have the Arts & Crafts market which takes place on top of the underground car park at the back of the beach. You will find Paintings, Jewellery, Carvings and all sorts of different gift ideas.

The main market takes place on a Friday and extends from the Hotel Cordial right around the Port as far as the little lighthouse.

You will discover local produce such as cheeses, Canarian wines & Liqueurs, Fresh seasonal produce from the local Fincas.

You will also discover any number of stalls selling "designer" glasses, T-Shirts, trainers, watches and souvenirs.

There is no doubt there are bargains to be had. Be warned however: if it looks like a Gucci and it ticks like a Gucci, but only costs 5 Euros, it probably is not a Gucci.

Most traders (this does not generally apply to produce) will start off by asking for the price they want but rarely expect to get - so haggle. If you are not happy with the price then walk away. There is a very good chance that you will find the same or similar elsewhere and if you don't, you can always go back later.

Thieves and Pickpockets love crowds. You may be on holiday, but they are not. Crime is not a serious problem but please take sensible precautions!