This page will tell you something of the rest of the valley once you get beyond the Football Stadium and Petrol Station!

There are plenty of bars and restaurants that you may not always spot when you are driving in addition to a number of other attractions such as the windmill and the parish church.

The bus service between the port and the village is very reliable and runs from very early to very late with a gap of a couple of hours in the afternoon and only a couple of "missing" buses on a Sunday or Bank Holiday. You will also get a better view of the scenery on a bus and don't need to worry about drinking & driving.

If you choose to risk drinking and driving, you should be aware that the limit is half the level of  the UK and being a tourist will not protect you from prosecution!

You should also be aware that, particularly in the summer, most of the bars will close for a siesta (although they won't normally throw you out if you are already there!). Check the opening times for individual bars from the menu above.

Welcome to Mogán Village