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You should be able to find everything you are likely to need whilst visiting Mogan and because the rate of IGIC (the equivalent of V.A.T.) is so low there are bargains to be had.

Counterfeit goods are something you will rarely encounter in Mogan - it is just as serious an offence here as anywhere else in Europe. Nevertheless you should be aware.

But if you see, for example, Ray Ban sunglasses at  20 Euros, look closely and you may find they are actually Roy Bon!

Where goods are displayed with prices you will generally find that they are fixed, but there is no harm in asking for a discount!

Where goods are not displayed with prices, as in many of the shops selling watches, electronics or cameras, for example, they are generally prepared to haggle. Again, it does no harm to ask and if you are not happy - walk away. There is a lot of competion for your business, so try somewhere else. You can always go back again later, tomorrow or next week if you can't find a better deal.

The great majority of traders are very honest, but they are there to make a living too.

If possible you should always buy with a credit card as this may give you extra protection after you return home shoud you have a problem.

Many consumer goods will now come with an International Guarantee which will cover you in exactly the same way as if you had purchased in your home country.

Make sure you get a receipt! This should show the name of the business, an NIE or NIF number (a combination of VAT registration and Tax number) showing the correct total paid.

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